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Thanksgiving Spider Solitaire

What better way to spend your Thanksgiving afternoon or evening than by playing some fun Solitaire games while football is on the big screen? In One Suit Spider Solitaire, you can warm yourself up to the card game by keeping it simple and eliminating three of the suits. Stack all cards in descending order in the tableau to win! The draw pile will cover each of your rows with one additional card, which can give you a push if you are stuck. One suit may seem too easy on the surface, but do not be fooled - this game can be quite challenging! Once you've mastered One Suit, move on to Two Suit and Four Suit Spider Solitaire!

Spider Solitaire Helpful Hints

  • Complete a foundation by stacking cards from King through Ace in a column on the tableau
  • Once a cascade is complete, it will disappear
  • At first the game will seem pretty simple, but as you add rows of cards from the draw pile, it becomes much more difficult


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