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Thanksgiving Freecell Solitaire

Loosen your belt and wait for your tummy to make room for slices of delicious pumpkin pie or carrot cake by playing Freecell Solitaire! This card game is different from Klondike Solitaire because you have empty cells ("free cells") that you can put cards into temporarily until you need them. This allows you to have more freedom with moving cards around, and can speed up game play. There is one condition to these free cells, though: The maximum amount of cards you can move at one time must equal the number of empty free cells plus one. This number is doubled for every open column in the tableau. Try to keep as many cells vacant as possible, so you are able to move more cards around on the tableau. Move cards around the tableau by stacking them in descending order by alternating colors. Create your foundations by suit and in ascending order.

Freecell Thanksgiving Strategy

  • Remember to leave free cells open so you can move more cards around at one time
  • Build your foundations in ascending order by suit
  • Alternate cards between red and orange in the tableau


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